National Craft Month 2021

What is National Craft Month?

National craft month was created by the Craft & Hobby Association in 1994.The Craft & Hobby Association is an organization that helps support those in the creative arts industries.
They have a number of resources to help their organizations provide products and services which educate, entertain, and inspire creative people around the globe.
The celebration of crafts in March began with only a handful of participants in its early beginning years, but today now many creative types celebrate – even if they are not a craft product or services organization.
Crafting is fun any time of the year, and so for us crafty types, this is a great reason to celebrate your favorite fun creative activities!

How To We Celebrate Craft Month?

Try a new Creative activity

If you’re a painter, try our painting by numbers. If you’re a knitter, try sculpting. The beauty of crafting is that there are endless possibilities for creating, and for stepping outside your creative comfort zone. This could lead to some amazing innovation on your part -you never know if you don’t try!

Have a CraftParty!

This is a funny idea that can be done for adults or for your kids. Gather up your favorite craft supplies, invite some friends, make some snacks and enjoy an afternoon or evening of making fun crafts together!

Visit a Craft Show or Art Gallery Exhibit Near You

There are always craft shows and vendor events where many handmade artists share their creations year round. You can also visit local art gallery exhibits as well.

Show off your work

Everything’s better when it’s shared with those you care about. Use National Craft Month as a reason to show everyone what you’ve been working on. Whether it’s showing in a small arts and crafts exhibition, giving your creations as gifts, or traveling to a craft fair, be sure to take this opportunity to share your art with the world. Get some eyes on your work, be proud, and of course keep crafting!


  • It boosts creativity and inspiration

Having the freedom to create without boundaries stimulates both the imagination and the spirit. We may even gain the confidence to think outside the box in other realms of our lives, such as education, profession, even relationships.

  • Crafting brings people together

Whether it’s creating something with your kids or throwing a casual crafting dinner party, sharing one’s imagination and creativity with others is a key reason why humans create. Not only is there another person or people there to appreciate your work, but you can spend quality time with friends and help each other with fun shared ideas.

  • Handmade gifts are best

There are few things that show how much you care, as much as a gift from the heart and hands. Painting by numbers are one of a kind — nothing tells your friend or relative how much they mean to you more than receiving something that you only made one of. On top of all that, painting by numbers are fun to make and can save you a few bucks!

We hope you enjoy these ideas for ways to celebrate National Craft Month in March, and don’t forget to try our interesting paint by numbers!