A quick guide to painting

It takes a little dexterity, but painting by numbers is mostly fun. Creative fun and relaxation, where at the end you are rewarded with a beautiful, hand-painted picture. Especially with more complex images, at first glance it may seem that this is a confusion of composition of lines and numbers. Often you will not even recognize what should be in the picture.
But once you get to work, follow the instructions and persevere to the end, you will not miss the reward. Although a blank painting may frighten you in the beginning, go step by step and over time, not only will you see how your painting begins to appear on the screen, but you will also gain skills and experience that will allow you challenge more complex and demanding works.

Here are some tips and advice to help you paint by number:

  • Get a set for painting by numbers on our e-shop. You can choose according to various criteria – according to the topic, size or difficulty. Don’t be guided just by the fact that you like the motive. Of course it has to, but try to imagine it directly on the wall in your apartment. Will it fit in there? Will it underline the design of the apartment or will it break it? If you like the picture and it also fits well into the current decoration of the apartment, you will want to finish it all even more. And don’t worry – there is a lot to choose from. We have various topics – animals, cities and buildings, flowers…
  • Arrangement is the foundation. Clean your workspace so you always have what you need at your fingertips. When working with colors, you can’t avoid dropping color on the floor from time to time. Or pass near the paintbrush with a careless movement and daub yourself. It is therefore practical to “line up” the space around you, for example with a newspaper, or to work on a painting foil. Of course, it is ideal if the whole room can turne into a studio with a washable floor.


  • Prepare a container with clean water. Bowl, glass or anything you don’t normally drink from. The container should be used only for painting and should be easy to wash. The water will be used to wash the brushes when changing colors.
  • It is a great idea to have a roll of kitchen paper towels, or a few dry serviette. After washing the brush, it is good to dry it so that the paints do not dilute too much due to residual water, because they tend to spread across the marked borders and mix with other colors on the canvas.
  • There is a general belief that if all attempts fail, read the instructions for use. But a better idea is to look at the instructions in advance. We supply them in each set. So please at least give the instruction a moment before soaking the brush in the paint for the first time. Believe us – it pays off.
  • Look at the colors in the cups and get to know their shades. You don’t have to make a revision if any are missing. Of course, the more thorough ones will do it, but each set always has all the colors you need to complete the picture.

  • We recommend coloring the image one color at a time. You run the risk of accidentally touching an already colored area with your hand or sleeve. This can be minimized by starting from the top left corner (if you are right-handed) or from the right corner if you hold the brush in your left hand. You will only start applying the next shade when the colors on the canvas are already dry. The advantage of this procedure is lower consumption of paints (you don’t have to wash it out of the brushes so much) and you also prevent unintentional drying of paints in unnecessarily open cups.
  • Allow the colors on the canvas to dry properly before moving on to the next color. Wet colors tend to mix and it could happen to create shades you don’t want in the painting. Acrylic paints dry quite quickly. In the meantime, you can thoroughly wash and dry the brush. Be sure to wash the brush even when you use the same shade, because when you put away the unwashed brush, the paint will dry on it within a few minutes and then it will be quite difficult to wash it off. There is even a risk of damaging it.
  • Continue to color the image with colors to fill the entire surface of the image. Always allow the paints to dry and wash the brushes. This is actually one of the most important things.
  • Show off what you’ve created. Post your picture at home or in the office. We guarantee that it will attract the deserving attention. Feel free to recommend our e-shop to colleagues or friends so you can paint by the numbers together.