Cityscapes:Take you through the city with a paintbrush!

Everybody loves landscapes, right?

Landscapes have long been a popular image in art, classical in origin and emerging as a distinct genre during the 17th century, then exploding in popularity during the 19th. They may depict the sublime or more pastoral scenes, which most people know them for. The appetite for landscape withstood the more abstract modern era, and it still remains a popular subject of art today.
It’s understandable – nature provides us with such beauty it makes sense we want to create images in its light. Many of us spend less time in nature than we’d like; observing a landscape on a home or gallery wall can offer an alternative immersive experience.

Perhaps for these reasons (or because of the typical association of overcrowding and trash), the cityscape may be considered the less impressive relation of the natural scene. But reverence for landscape does not make cityscapes paintings any less sophisticated, nor any less likely to tug at our heartstrings. And of course it still is a landscape ultimately, just reflecting our modern usage of land: the urban sprawl.

Good cityscape art is just as impressive as the best landscape. They also often combine a natural element, such as buildings against a skyscape, laying bare our juxtaposed reality of natural versus man-made. Of course, there is much architecture that can be considered art in itself, in this way providing art within the art (meta!)

Eiffel Tower

Artists nowadays create cityscapes in many different styles!

Looking at these city paintings,and make you want to stroll the under the Eiffel Tower of Paris with the breeze in your hair.

Have you ever imagined painting these beautiful cities by yourself? This may be unimaginable for some people.Yes!This is not an easy task; but if you try to paint by number, I think it will become a very For fun activities, you only need to color by numbers to complete a beautiful city painting.

Here is our new city series, I think everyone will be fascinated by it!

City series painted by numbers

Come and try to draw these cities by yourself!Put it in your room,don’t these various lovely cityscapes make you want to hop on a plane and fly to the nearest metropolis for a day of exploration? Bring that feeling right into your home and discover something new every day.